Quantum optics with strongly interacting Rydberg atoms


报告题目Quantum optics with strongly interacting Rydberg atoms
报告人李霖 教授
报告时间2021-11-26 (周五) 10:00

报告摘要:Manipulation of light at the single quanta level is an essential goal in quantum optics, due to its importance for quantum networks, quantum computing and testing of fundamental quantum mechanics. However, performing such quantum operations on photons in an efficient way turns out to be extremely hard, as photons usually don’t interact with each other. Ensembles of high-lying Rydberg atoms feature strong, controllable and long-range interactions and excellent matter-light quantum interface, opening the door to deterministic photonic quantum operations. In this talk, I will present our recent results in using Rydberg atomic ensembles for the generation of non-classical photonic states. We demonstrate the on-demand generation of Rydberg single photons with near-unity purity and indistinguishability and high fidelity linear optical quantum logic gate using these photons.
报告人简介:李霖,2010年毕业于南开大学物理学院,获得物理学学士学位,2016年毕业于美国密歇根大学,获得物理学博士学位,师从Alex Kuzmich教授。2017年在德国马克斯-普朗克量子光学研究所进行博士后研究。2018年9月,加入华中科技大学任教授,研究方向是基于里德堡原子的量子光学和量子计算实验。