Nanoscale magnetic field imaging using cryogenic scanning NV magnetometry


报告题目Nanoscale magnetic field imaging using cryogenic scanning NV magnetometry
报告人孙启超 博士
报告时间2021-11-29 (周一) 10:00

报告摘要:The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is a point defect where one carbon atom in the diamond’s crystal lattice is replaced by a nitrogen atom and an adjacent lattice site is left empty. It is an atom-like system with well-defined spin properties. These spin properties make it a promising nanoscale quantum sensor for the magnetic field with an operating temperature range from cryogenic to above room temperature and a dynamic range spanning from DC to GHz. Scanning NV magnetometry, which uses a single NV center as a scanning sensor, has been demonstrated as a powerful tool in high-resolution, high-sensitivity magnetic field imaging at room temperature. However, its cryogenic application remains challenging. I this talk, I will introduce our recently developed cryogenic scanning NV magnetometry at the University of Stuttgart. With this technique, we directly observed magnetic domains and moiré magnetism in van der Waals magnetic materials, which cannot be realized with conventional magnetic imaging techniques.
报告人简介:孙启超博士于2017年获上海交通大学物理与天文学院物理学博士学位。博士期间在中科大上海研究院张强教授小组从事光纤网络中量子隐形传态技术研究。博后期间在德国斯图加特大学Joerg Wrachtrup组进行金刚石氮空位色心量子传感技术研究。搭建了德国首台低温扫描氮空位色心磁力计,并开展其在二维磁性材料探测方面的应用。