Millisecond-lived Circular Rydberg Atoms in a Room temperature experiment


报告题目Millisecond-lived Circular Rydberg Atoms in a Room temperature experiment
报告人吴海腾 博士
报告时间2023-04-20 (周四) 10:00

报告摘要:Circular Rydberg states are ideal tools for quantum technologies, with huge mutual interactions and extremely long lifetimes in the tens of milliseconds range, two orders of magnitude larger than those of laser-accessible Rydberg states. However, such lifetimes are observed only at zero temperature. At room temperature, blackbody-radiation-induced transfers annihilate this essential asset of circular states, which have thus been used mostly so far in specific, complex cryogenic experiments. We demonstrate here, on a laser-cooled atomic sample, a circular state lifetime of more than one millisecond at room temperature for a principal quantum number 60. The inhibition structure is a simple plane-parallel capacitor that efficiently inhibits the blackbody-radiation-induced transfers. One of the capacitor electrodes is fully transparent and provides complete optical access to the atoms, an essential feature for applications. This experiment paves the way to a wide use of circular Rydberg atoms for quantum metrology and quantum simulation.
报告人简介:吴海腾,复旦大学物理学学士,南京大学凝聚态物理硕士, 索邦大学量子物理博士,硕士期间(2015-2018)在固体微结构物理国家重点实验室参与国家重点研发计划量子调控与量子信息重大专项“超导量子芯片中多比特相干操控及可扩展量子模拟”,博士期间(2018-2022)在法国卡斯特勒布罗塞尔实验室(LKB)参与 European Research Council (ERC)的专项 “TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation (TRENSCRYBE)”,博士论文课题为圆态(circular state)里德伯冷原子的自发发射抑制,该课题成果发表于Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 023202(2023).